There is a thing

they call it internet,

it is helpful to get

the world together.

In this beautiful


there is the possibility

to find friendship,

with a lot of people.

But it's a luck

that I've found you.

We found us and

although our heads

got together.

Within a few words,

we got sympathy -

with the first call,

we got a lot of feelings -

what will happen at

our first meeting now ?

Zum Anfang



Unfortunately many people

in the word

live in loneliness,

but there is a new chance

in the www for them,

to get friendship and love.

Please never forget my friend

that they need a warm hand

and a real picture from you

to find in reality,

what it seams to be here.

Zum Anfang


You are a glowing star

in my lonely nights -

every time we meet us

my heard is beating harder.

to meet you is one of the

finest experiences I've

ever had.

If you write to me

it seams as it's spoken.

You make me laugh and happy

with such a stupid thing

called computer -

but I feel, there must be more

then this technical part between us ,

I don't no how it's to call -

could you give a name to it ?

Zum Anfang

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